• Smart. Easy. Secure. Now,Total Remote Control Of Home Or Office Sits In The Palm Of Your Hand

    With an iPAD® and Wifi, securely manage your world, anytime from anywhere

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  • Private Cinema

    Your private movie theater setting delivers a peak movie experience!

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  • Intelligent Lighting

    Pick any mood, any time, for any room

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  • Smart Climate Control

    Remotely command temperatures minute-by-minute, room-by-room, from wherever you are

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  • Multi-room Audio

    Customized entertainment for any and every room, right at your fingertips

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  • Automated Window Treatments

    Control the look, set the mood and save energy in every room

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  • Whole House WiFi + Communications

    It’s your own fast, reliable, custom command center

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  • Security + Surveillance

    Rock-solid, reliable security … Protect and monitor what’s yours, at home or traveling

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Enjoy Easy, Smart, Custom Control Of Your Home Or Office Environments

Your iPad® Now Controls Every System In Your Home Or Office

You want the convenience of leading-edge, yet user-friendly technology for your home that adds comfort, convenience and perhaps a touch of luxury; technology custom designed to complement — and not compete with — your spaces.

Such technology must let you command your spaces, while remaining behind the scenes, out of sight, though never out of mind. Above all, it must be incredibly easy to use and rock-solid reliable.

It is … thanks to SmartTouch.

SmartTouch, Briefly

SmartTouch is America’s premier provider of intelligent security, lighting, sound and climate controls for your living spaces and lifestyle.

Our one mission is providing you with the expert service, the entertainment, the technology and — most essentially — the controls allowing you to easily and efficiently enjoy and change at will your customized living environments.

The SmartTouch business model comes from years of experience helping people to achieve their personal visions for home and office environments that work and play. We employ a corps of expert engineers, system designers and certified technician installers who team to deliver to you personally responsive, creative designs, system integration and flawless control of your spaces.

Special care and attention to detail, when designing and creating your custom controlled spaces, is not an option; it is SmartTouch’s one and only mission.

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