The world’s first completely concealed home entertainment system
No more black boxes, bulky speakers, tangled wires or confusing remote controls. With CinemaFrame, all you’ll see is your TV surrounded by a slim frame of designer fabric. Finally, a system designed to fill your room with entertainment, not equipment.

Design first
CinemaFrame has been carefully designed to seamlessly compliment any space. The slim frame of acoustically transparent fabric around the TV is available in a wide assortment of luxurious designer colors to complement any décor.

Simplicity at last
The CinemaFrame Team has decades of experience creating high-performance entertainment systems for homes just like yours. And the single most important lesson we have learned in all that time, is that even the most sophisticated system is utterly useless if it’s not also simple, reliable and easy to use.
That’s why we designed CinemaFrame to be a completely integrated system and why everything operates seamlessly using our simple, intuitive remote control.

Your choice
CinemaFrame was designed to be flexible and upgradeable. The system is available in configurations ranging from the very basic, to a full 7.2 channel surround sound cinema and can be upgraded from one to the other at any time.
CinemaFrame is compatible with all popular TV models in screen sizes ranging from 46” to 70”. And if you’ve purchased a new flat panel TV recently, chances are we can incorporate the set you already own. Should you decide to upgrade your TV for a different screen size or better features at any point, CinemaFrame makes that easy too.

Audio bliss
Despite being completely invisible, CinemaFrames’ 7. 2 channel high-performance audio system delivers room-filling sound that is nothing short of astonishing.
We’ve combined audiophile quality electronics and precision tuned loudspeakers with state-of-the-art digital signal processing, to deliver an audio experience that quite simply has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. From your favourite music to the latest multi-channel movie and gaming soundtracks, CinemaFrame delivers.

We thought of that
These days, no entertainment system would be complete without the ability to connect your favourite AV gear. So we designed CinemaFrame to make it incredibly easy to connect equipment like a BluRay Player, video game consoles, an iPod or even your turntable. And CinemaFrame also works with Apple® AirPlay wireless streaming, so enjoying your favourite music and videos has never been easier.