James Loudspeakers

James Loudspeakers is an industry leader and innovator in both high-end residential and commercial speaker solutions. James takes particular pride in its sound innovation, unprecedented custom work, flawless sonic reproduction and excellence in design and quality.

All James Loudspeakers are specially designed with minimal visual presence in your interior or landscape designs. The result is solid sonic precision in the beauty of your surroundings.

James Loudspeakers’ patented, Adjustable Frequency Distribution Circuit (AFDC) is the world’s first and only continuously variable speaker output frequency equalizer. The AFDC replaces the conventional crossover network found in all other multi-driver speaker systems. The benefits of the AFDC include adjustability, compatibility and reliability.

With the turn of a single dial, the AFDC equalization curve allows the user to easily adjust the frequency output and tonal qualities of each individual loudspeaker to accommodate differing acoustical environments in which the loudspeaker system may be placed. This effectively tunes the speaker system to the room for optimal performance, compensating for differences in reflected energy in different rooms. The AFDC also accommodates a ‘flat’ setting with no equalization curve for optimum performance in an anechoic chamber or similar non-reflective acoustic environments.

James Loudspeaker Centergy Technology converts a typical 3-speaker configuration (Left-Center-Right) into 2 speakers (Left and Right). This new configuration combines the center channel into both the left and the right channels and when combined with James patented AFDC circuit results in stunningly accurate audio imaging.

James Loudspeaker finds themselves right in tune with leading edge solutions for outdoor sound. Having mastered the mix of excellence in design, technology and superior sound; in fact, outdoor entertainment has never been so complete. Designed with motion in mind, James Virtuoso outdoor systems provide consistent sound levels in multiple stereo listening areas — by the pool, next to guests mingling at the barbecue or surrounding tennis courts.