Lutron offers the most complete line of motorized shade styles and fabric options in:

Pleated Shades
Lutron Pleated Shades frame your inviting home. Raise shades remotely from the comfort of your car. Daylight floods your entry, highlighting your décor.

Roller Shades
Lutron Roller Shades put your home in the right light. Preparing for an early afternoon lunch with friends? Press one button. Shades raise and natural light floods the room and overhead lights dim, setting a subdued and casual tone.

Venetian Blinds
Lutron Venetian Blinds help prepare you for the day ahead. Press “Morning,” And blinds quietly lower and slats gently tilt downward, welcoming the sunlight, helping to make breakfast a soothing start to your day.

Horizontal Sheer Blinds
Lutron Horizontal Sheer Blinds add that special touch to a quiet dinner in the comfort of your own home. Adjust blinds and lighting levels to set the mood for the evening.

Honeycomb Shades:
Lutron Honeycomb Shades will automatically lower every day at noon, preventing harsh rays from fading your hardwood floors and furnishings. Roman Shades: Lutron Roman Shades deliver epic comfort to your surroundings. One press of one control is all you need to enjoy the beauty of the day or the serenity of the evening.

Control and Accessory Styles:
Complement any décor with Lutron controls and accessories available in a variety of styles (such as GFCIs and cable jacks). So whether your décor is contemporary, classic, and traditional—or something in between—we can add that perfect, finishing touch to your special room.