Seymour § Screen Excellence’s™ screens are the most advanced available.  Using proprietary Enlightor, Ambient-Visionaire, and Radiant screen fabrics, they provide a flawless picture quality, finally enabling you to get the best from both your projector and your sound system in any room.

Acoustically transparent (A.T.) projection screens use advanced materials, enabling a larger, truly immersive cinematic image without compromise. With three identical front channels completely hidden, acoustical best practice can be followed for the total suspension of disbelief.

Seymour-Screen Excellence combines the most innovative screen materials in Europe and the US. The core screen materials are the highest gain, fine weave screen material available anywhere – the Enlightor™-Bright – and the ultra-fine weave, Enlightor-4K, the only AT screen developed specifically for resolutions beyond 4K.  Using the newest materials offers the most advanced ambient light filtration available on the market.

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