The Expert in Smart Technology

SmartTouch is the premier provider of intelligent security, lighting, sound and climate controls for your living and work spaces.

SmartTouch AudioVideo


Let SmartTouch create the perfect whole house audio+video system for you.Our Video solution includes easy to use control of your TVs, 4K HDR TV screens that will amaze you. We can help you bring the best content into your home. We can put your family’s favorite streaming music right at your fingertips and in every room of your home. If you want great entertainment – we have the right solutions!

SmartTouch Security

Security + Camera Surveillance

SecurexUSA™, SmartTouch’s security division, delivers the spectrum of solutions that keep you, your family, your personal data and communications and your valuables safe and secure.

SmartTouch Network

Network Security + Design

SmartTouch engineers every network we install for flexibility, versatility and rock-solid reliability to keep you connected, informed, entertained and secure. Why have a network at home? Many assume that networking is primarily a business requirement.

SmartTouch Cinema

Private Cinema

For the ultimate dedicated home theater room experience, our engineers design, install, and program each theater system, to deliver a truly high-quality viewing experience like no other.

SmartTouch Lighting


True, lighting is functional. But lighting also adds a quality that evokes emotional, almost visceral responses. Bright lighting can rev us up; soft, mood lighting can soothe us. Lighting helps colors read true, finishes reveal their texture and when the lighting is just right, help familiar spaces transform from stirring to serene, making even the simplest activities more pleasant, more memorable.

SmartTouch Electronic Shades

Electronic Shades

With one touch of a fingertip, your window treatments become elegance in motion, moving slowly, smoothly and in virtual silence, and the room is transformed.

Smarttouch Integration

Smart Integration

With a single touch, your home responds. Room-by-room, lights dim or turn up a notch; the shades lower or rise; the fireplace comes to life and your favorite playlist fades up to the perfect volume.

SmartTouch Temperature

Climate Controls

SmartTouch offers precise, total climate control for any home with environmental control providing the ultimate benefits in comfortable living and energy conservation. Now you can conveniently and easily manage and monitor all your HVAC systems through Savant keypads, wireless thermostats and award-winning control apps for Apple® iOS devices.

Let us help you live a bit easier with these simple smart home solutions for both you and your family.