Automated Shades

The shades in your room are an important part of the décor in your home, but it can also help when it comes to lighting and energy conservation.

Automated shades are a great touch because you can set the time according to needs and convenience of your home. Here are two things to consider when it comes to shades, space, and lighting.

Fabrics – When it comes to fabrics, it’s important to consider your needs. If you choose translucent fabrics, it allows light to flow in the room while protecting you from damaging ultraviolet radiation. A blackout fabric, on the other hand, blocks incoming light. When choosing a fabric color think about the interaction of natural light and the room itself.

Automation – If you have your shades automated, timing, window style, and fabrics should be taken into consideration when it comes to scheduling. Both translucent and blackout fabrics can be used to have a maximum effect in the room. For example, a blackout shade would work well in the summer to keep the sun out and the room cool. The sequence and timing of shades is flexible based on your individual needs.

At SmartTouch, we provide top-of-the-line window covering systems that custom-manufactured and personalized to fit your needs. Our window treatments are designed with ultra-quiet motors and an unmatched selection of fabrics, colors and transparencies, including sheer, dim-out and full blackout.

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