Human Centric Lighting: How Home Automation is Harnessing Natural Light  

Human Centric Lighting: How Home Automation is Harnessing Natural Light

The modern high-end interior designer’s challenge is to create an immersive home experience, not just a home design. Home automation, when implemented correctly, allows us to take this experience further through an integrated, seamless experience that is tailored to the home, and the resident’s lifestyle. 

Lighting Brings Design to Life

Today’s innovative lighting solutions allow interior designers to have more choices than ever when curating a home’s ambiance. The impact that the right lighting has within a home is second to none. When the correct tools are utilized, creative lighting solutions can be used to bring a home design to life. Ketra works seamlessly with Lutron’s premium lighting controls and shades to create beautiful and functional spaces—providing the ultimate in intelligent lighting solutions. So what are these tools, and what are their advantages? 

When designing the lighting within a home, there are plenty of tools at the interior designer’s disposal. This can include lighting layers, dimmers, unique fixtures, lighting presets, sensors, and more. Combining all of these throughout the home can create a truly immersive living experience, and accentuate the best parts of the home’s interior design.

Developing a the Mood of a Room

One of the key challenges when designing the lighting layers of a home is mixing the natural light with the interior lighting. Today’s home automation technology allows us to create dynamic mood lighting presets that can be developed and implemented for different times during the day. These presets can manipulate different fixtures throughout the home from a centralized control system. 

One-tap lighting systems have several key advantages and disadvantages. They are great for setting easy-to-use scenes, but they don’t do a great job of adjusting to the changing lighting environment. That’s where human centric lighting comes in.

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Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting takes this a step further. This is the art of creating lighting that mimics the natural daylight which drives our bodily functions. “Carefully designed lighting can aid, even correct, circadian rhythms in human beings.” says Stan Walerczyk, CLEP, LC, Principal, Lighting Wizards.

Natural lighting coinciding with our internal clocks is at the core of every human being. Our natural circadian rhythm, our bodies follow the sun. We rise with the sunlight, we become alert and focused as the day reaches maximum light, and then we wind down as the sun goes down. Oftentimes, the floor plans of homes are designed around capturing as much natural lighting within the windows as possible. Additionally, we have learned to mimic the sun’s lighting through lightbulb kelvin levels in our homes. 

The discovery and study of Human Centric Lighting allows for lighting design to be tailored to times of being awake and alert, focused and high energy… to relaxed, restful and asleep through the intensity and color of the light.

This opens up an entirely new world of possibilities for interior designers looking to differentiate their designs even further. Touchless programmed home design features like Human Centric Lighting reduce the number of interactions homeowners need to have with their home automation technology. As they go about their day, the home transitions with them. Matching their internal clock with a changing lighting environment on the outside will bring better sleep schedules, work productivity, and routine to their lives throughout their home. 

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