A state-of-the-wireless-art, whole house communications network is a must for every new home or renovation project.

SmartTouch Crestron Why have a real enterprise class network at home? Many assume that enterprise networks and WiFi are primarily a business requirement. NOT TRUE anymore… with the number of devices everyone in your family uses, the traditional home network just can’t support it. Add the “dark web” stories that we have been hearing about hacking, ransomware, malware, email phishing and more – it’s clear that you need a professional networking team. Our team is trained to manage your network for you and to design a system that is FAST and SECURE for your entire family. We have team members trained by Cisco/Meraki to deliver a powerful and robust firewall.

“There is no question that every home should have a firewall. You wouldn’t leave your home unlocked at night, why would you leave your network unlocked.”

Dave – Meraki, Network Specialist

Our enterprise class networks allow all computers on the network to share printers, Internet services, files, music, and much more, including accessing your media server (music) from anywhere in your home or even remotely.

SmartTouch understands networking … We will design a custom solution for your family that takes your specific needs into consideration, while supporting the latest in digital technology, cable TV and Internet services. We focus on parental controls so that you have control over the network – and what your young family sees on the internet.

In addition to powerful wireless networking, we can also help you with poor cellular coverage in your home. We also offer advanced cellular network solutions for worry-free connectivity throughout your home and property.

Connect with us today. We’ll keep you connected throughout your home, locally and globally with:

• Powerful whole-house WiFi systems
• Meraki Enterprise class FIREWALL Systems
• Parental Controls – Control what your family sees on the Internet
• Network Security and System Management – Long Term Support Programs

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