Smart Automation: The Crestron Difference

Luxury house-hunters in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area have smart home automation at the top of their must-have list.

In fact, existing homeowners are opting to retrofit their current homes with smart home technology. There are many different home automation systems to choose from. This post highlights why Crestron is one of our premier smart home automation partners.

How Crestron Stands Out

Since 1975, Crestron has been the worldwide leader in the smart home automation industry. Their automation technology is used by the Ivy Leagues, luxury hotels, the government, and celebrity-owned estates. Most of the leading figures in the world of technology, like Mark Zuckerberg, have it installed in their homes. It’s no surprise that Crestron is the gold-standard in the luxury residential community as well as in the commercial sector.

One App and One Manufacturer

Many control companies only make some items for home control …

Crestron is a TOTAL SOLUTION they make their own control system, their own Lighting Control System and their own Shading systems. This is one native solution that works seamlessly. Other companies have to interconnect various brands to Create a whole home solution – not Crestron. They are the only manufacturer with a complete Solution engineered and built in the USA.

Crestron Lifetime Warranty Not only does Crestron offer the best solution using one app and great touch displays – but they also offer the absolute best warranty in the Smart Home market today. No one else even comes close to Crestron when it comes to their warranty!

Many of the components of a Crestron system have a lifetime warranty. This includes their Lighting and Shading Systems.  Only Crestron and SmartTouchUSA support you with this type of end to end support after your system is installed and delivered to you.

Control Everything With the Click of a Button

The days of searching for multiple remotes and control panels scattered throughout your home are gone with a Crestron system. Crestron’s state-of-the-art technology gives you the power to control all of your systems from your tablets, mobile devices, a touch panel, or with a universal remote. Your lights, appliances, sound systems, televisions, doors, security systems, and more can be accessed with the click of a button. Can’t remember if you turned off your lights or the stove? With a Crestron system, there’s no need to worry. Simply check your mobile device and turn the various systems on or off remotely.

SmartTouch USA is a Crestron Platinum Elite Partner

SmartTouchUSA is one of 21 Crestron Platinum Elite partners in the US! In order to install Crestron’s systems, SmartTouchUSA completed rigorous training to become certified to install Crestron systems, and as a Platinum Elite Partner, we’ve gone above and beyond.  SmartTouchUSA integration experts take the time to understand your family or corporate requirements and create tailor-made solutions to fit your needs.

Creating Customized Scenes

Crestron’s Pyng app can be installed on mobile devices and tablets. This home automation app allows you to create a customized user interface. Create “scenes” to adjust lighting depending on your mood or a specific occasion, like a date night or a party. The app can be customized to prioritize your systems, pair accessories, and prioritize the rooms you use most. The best part is that Pyng smart graphics are not only intuitive and easy to read, the system is also able to access third-party apps, like Netflix or streaming music services.

Scalability and Reliability

Crestron manufactures its own parts, making it highly scalable. Not only are Crestron products reliable, should you wish to expand the technology in your home at a later date, all the products in the line work together. Crestron is compatible with more smart home devices than any other automation company.

Better Energy Management

Crestron’s technology monitors your home to help you better understand how and where energy is expended, allowing you to make adjustments to save on utility costs. You’ll have the ability to set your system to engage at specific times during the day and set an energy saving state when no one is home. Program your system to re-engage at specific times so that your house will be well-lit and set to a comfortable climate when you return home.

Smart home automation with Crestron will transform the way you experience your home. Whether you’re looking to install a Crestron system or simply upgrade and expand the system you already own, contact SmartTouchUSA today.

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