Smart Home Technology

Giving flexibility and creative possibilities to architects and builders.

Interior designers and architects often work together to design a home that provides comfort to the homeowner while reflecting the homeowner’s unique style. Now, smart home technology allows the homeowner convenience and control over their home atmosphere without stopping the task at hand. Yet oftentimes smart home technology is not considered until after the home is designed and built.

When SmartTouch USA is part of the building team, we provide valuable tools that expand the imaginations of architects and interior designers. Our innovative technology can completely reconfigure a room design to allow for the décor to be the primary focus. Whether you prefer a minimalist space or a more traditional environment, efficiency and convenience need not be sacrificed.


We all try to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Light controls reduce energy output by allowing you to choose how much light is displayed in the room and at what times. Dimmers save energy and can extend the life of the bulb. Shading systems can be made from eco-friendly materials and harvest natural daylight to reduce the burden on your home’s HVAC system. Smart thermostats and temperature sensors can maintain your preferred temperature throughout the house. These options not only reduce your carbon footprint, but they save you money.


Through the use of automated lifts and hidden displays, you can add more space to a room for hosting or moving around the house. Automated lifts can house televisions, speakers and other large items in a cabinet, leaving you with an empty surface to utilize and less furniture in the room. Hidden displays help you maintain your room’s overall design and also can provide you with focused family time. For those wanting the techno-suaveness of a drop down television or projector screen, including a smart home integrator in the planning phase is ideal to ensure there is enough space in the ceiling during construction.


Smart mirrors give you functionality while keeping you connected digitally. Beyond hiding the television, smart mirrors in other rooms can help you get ready for your day while checking your calendar, the weather, e-mails or the news. This removes the need for more technology units like radios, televisions or computers sitting on a surface in your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.


Innovative technology has made it possible to secure your home without anyone noticing. Cameras and sensors that blend in with the interior design of the rooms and house provide more security from intruders who could easily see and disconnect visible security systems. With smart home technology, you can see who is coming and going and alert authorities safely.


Through our partnerships with some of the leading innovators in smart technology such as Crestron and TRUFIG, we can provide you with solutions that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. TRUFIG designs mountable systems that are flush with the walls and ceilings, allowing the interior design to be unblemished by technology. Crestron works with other companies to ensure their shading solutions fit with the décor and are virtually out-of-sight.


Smart home technology is not just a convenience. The ability to control the home atmosphere is essential to those with temporary and permanent disabilities. Through voice commands and computer interface systems, those who could not otherwise reach the shades to pull them down or who need more space for mobility can achieve more independence at home.

SmartTouch USA is proud to partner with several distinguished companies to bring the most up-to-date smart home technology to you. Let us help design your home with comfort, convenience, and control without sacrificing your personal style.

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