Smart Home Technology to Increase Your Home’s Value

Are you thinking of selling your home? You’re probably brainstorming all of the ways to make your house more marketable to prospective buyers.

While fresh coats of paint and landscaping improvements are traditional favorites, you’ll want to consider updating your property with the latest smart home technology to command a higher asking price on your real estate broker’s Multiple Listing Service Advertisement. According to a 2018 Coldwell Banker Real Estate survey, home buyers favor properties that have pre-installed smart home products that add to the home’s overall comfort, convenience, and security. Here are the top five products on their list.

#1 Smart Thermostats

Managing your indoor air climate is the key to creating a comfortable and inviting home. Smart thermostats such as the ones that we offer at SmartTouch USA give you unmatched control over your home’s heating and cooling system. You can connect to your smart thermostat through your mobile phone to adjust temperatures in your home even when you’re miles away. If you’re like the rest of us, the cost to heat and cool your home accounts for nearly half of your monthly utility bill. The latest smart thermostats use sensors to improve temperature detection accuracy, and some include machine learning technology that predicts your indoor temperature needs before you arrive at home from work. Smart thermostat features create a more pleasant, energy-efficient home that is sure to catch the eye of prospective buyers.

#2 Smart Lighting

Proper lighting is the unsung hero of good interior design. Lights can make a large space appear cozier, or they can make a small room look more spacious. Besides the ambiance that lighting lends to a space, the right lights are essential in work spaces such as kitchen islands and home office desks. With smart lighting, you can turn lights on and off from anywhere using an application on your phone. Smart lights are perfect for those who forget to turn off lights before leaving home. They’re also great for vacationing homeowners who want to turn their home’s lights on during a prolonged trip for security purposes. We partner with leaders in smart lighting such as Crestron and Lutron to equip your home with the very best in smart lighting.

#3 Smart Smoke Detectors

No one wants to think about their real estate investment going up in smoke along with their cherished mementos. Accidents do happen, however, and prudent homeowners are prepared for the worst. Prospective home buyers look for properties that have smoke detectors that can alert them to a potential fire hazard as quickly as possible. Today’s smart smoke detectors use sophisticated sensors that connect to the internet. With these smoke detectors, you’ll get alerts to your mobile phone when incidents occur. Smart smoke detectors save lives and money by supporting faster response times from fire departments during emergencies.

#4 Smart Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that is emitted by certain appliances and gas-powered tools. The substance is deadly if you inhale it in large concentrations. Even if not inhaled in lethal doses, carbon monoxide prevents your body from using oxygen properly and causes issues such as dizziness, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations. Prospective home buyers want to know if a carbon monoxide leak in their house is a threat to their wellbeing or the health of their loved ones. Our smart carbon monoxide detectors sense leaks and automatically send you alerts on your phone before trouble escalates.

#5 Smart Home Security Systems

Home security systems that include smart cameras and locks are on a lot of home buyers’ wish lists. Smart cameras include integrated motion detectors, speakers, and video capture. When movement is detected near a smart security camera, you’ll get an alert on your phone that allows you to see and hear what is going on in the space whether you’re at home or not. Smart locks give you the peace of mind that your home’s entryways are secure. You can also program them with codes that grant visitors temporary access to your home without traditional keys. When your guests no longer need access, you can change the codes. Modern home buyers are looking for this level of security, convenience, and flexibility in their desired real estate purchases, and they are willing to pay for these features.

Final Thoughts

Advancements in technology continue to change the way real estate is bought and sold. Whether it’s a real estate agent who commissions a drone pilot to get aerial footage of an estate or a pioneering home buyer who conducts her real estate purchase entirely online using blockchain technology, we can’t deny the role that technology is destined to play in real estate. At SmartTouch USA, the future is now. We offer leading-edge home automation and smart home security tools that increase your quality of life and boost your home’s value. Contact our representatives to find out more about our products and services.

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