Your Technology Partner

SmartTouch is America’s premier provider of intelligent security, lighting, sound and climate controls for your living spaces and lifestyle.


We are technology designers and like the architects we work with, we spend the right amount of time getting to know you and your family. We learn about how technology is used in your home and how we can blend this technology in a very discreet way into the very fabric and structure of your living spaces. Like an architect or engineer, we take everything that we have learned and create detailed drawings for the builder, architect and the trades to work with you. We are here to guide you through the process and ensure perfection for your lighting, shade, and AV systems.

It’s not about the technology – It’s about the experience.


Developers create great spaces with a vision that must be carried forward throughout the project. We work closely with Developers to enhance their spaces and deliver an exceptional experience for each buyer.  Our programs include design, engineering, marketing, training, and system packages. We develop an design and technology package for the entire project. We know how to scale our systems for luxury spaces or for the more modest residence.  If you are a Developer, Architect, or General Contractor we can support all facets of your project. We can design and engineer great systems and put the installation and marketing muscle behind any of your projects. Please click here for assistance from our Design and Construction Team


SmartTouch has been working with corporate clients for over 30 years, and we have the expertise to support your needs. From the boardroom, huddle and meeting spaces, to data and security centers, we have the right team to support any project within your facility.

SmartTouch is a leader in the Hospitality and Luxury Hotel spaces and our team understands the sensitivity required to support you and your valued guests.

Building engineers and Hospitality managers really appreciate our responsiveness and understanding of their facility requirements. Our work incorporates all phases of the design and build process. We design, engineer, install, test, and program all systems. Most importantly we have excellent 24/7 aftercare services that few companies can offer. SmartTouch is known for delivering mission critical systems that just have to work and our work in the luxury space is second to none.

Builders, Architects & Designers

No one understands the design process better than the Architects, Interior Designers and Builders. Our core strength is design and that allows us to speak your language and understand the complexities of almost any project. Spending time on design is our passion and we strongly believe that only collaborative teams design the best spaces. You can count on our team to deliver excellent drawings and cad files as well as all the necessary reports for the MEP, Builder and Architect.

We have a process in place to deliver the right documents to the core design team and to all of the trades. We make sure that everyone understands our role and we understand all requirements and timelines before the first bit of wire is installed. Our process includes several phases of testing and QA allowing us to deliver exceptional systems on time – every-time!


Yachts are almost always the best expression of a well crafted space. A beautiful home that moves wherever you feel like going. Your expectations are high and our systems and our team deliver. Crestron equipment can be found on some of the best Yachts and Ships around the world. Audio, shading, TV and security are just a few of the systems that can be delivered on board. Traveling the seas with great content like music and TV shows/movies is a given and we have the right systems to deliver content whether in port or crossing the seas. You need mission critical systems and we deliver. We can help from the moment of conception to the day that you set out for your first voyage.

Multi-unit Residential

We have provided some of the best systems in some the best places. Our team has worked at the Four Seasons, the Ritz Carlton, Turnberry Towers, and of course the Watergate. We have the expertise to work in specially constructed spaces like the properties mentioned here. These systems are designed to be the best in class and include lighting control, electronic window treatments [electronic shades and draperies], managed locking systems, a great sounding audio system combined with todays best flat screens. Of course camera, security and great networks are a must for any luxury space today and we deliver with over three decades of experience.

Our core competency involves designed systems for multiple units. If you are a developer or GC, we can support all facets of your project. We can design and engineer great systems and put the installation and marketing muscle behind any of your projects. Please click here for assistance from our Design and Construction Team.

If you would like to talk to us about technology solutions for your project we would be happy to schedule a call or visit to talk about how we can assist.