Top 3 Benefits of Lutron Electronic Shades

Check Out Why This Integrated Solution Is A Must for Your Home

Electronic shades are an essential component to your full smart home experience. While shading might initially seem unnecessary to complete your smart home systems, this innovative solution is a must for your day-to-day lifestyle.

Our team at SmartTouchUSA can bring this level of comfort, convenience, and luxury to your whole property with a professional shading installation. Want to learn how motorized shading will transform your living space in Reisterstown, MD or the greater Baltimore County area? Keep on reading below.

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Everyday Luxury

Imagine gradually waking up to gentle sunlight streaming into your bedroom as your eyes start to adjust to the new morning. You can then bask in the sun’s glow as you prepare breakfast and begin your daily activities. Or envision a midday movie marathon that you’re all set to start, but suddenly the intense sunshine creates a glare across the 4K UHD screen. One press of a button, and your motorized shades have you – and your windows – covered.

With electronic shades, you get to enjoy your gorgeous, floor-to-ceiling or out-of-reach windows with zero hassle. Take in the warm sunbeams during the relaxing summer afternoons, prevent solar heat gain as the temperature increases, and protect your interiors by making shading adjustments on a whim throughout the day. This is the simplistic and effortless luxury you can experience every day with motorized window treatments.

Comfort During Any Season

Keeping your rooms from overheating – or getting too chilly – is a big part of electronic shades’ appeal. When you’re spending time indoors during any time of year, adjusting your thermostat to just the right degree can be a pain when it feels like the weather constantly dips or gets hotter. Suddenly your HVAC system is working overtime to compensate to keep your home in its perfect atmosphere.

But with electronic shades, you can have a fully insulated residence. Windows are the biggest culprit regarding heat or cool air escaping or entering your home. When your Lutron shades’ durable and high-quality fabric lowers over the glass, it creates an “air gap” that traps the heat or AC inside. So, the moment your integrated smart thermostat detects a slight change in temperature inside, it will signal your shades to respond accordingly to prevent any more air from escaping. It’s absolute comfort in any part of your home at any time of year!

Improve Your Smart Security

Integrating your electronic shades into your smart security system can give you much-needed peace of mind. While you’re away on vacation or a short trip, you can schedule your Lutron shades to move and your lighting control to turn on and off as though you were home. Your shades can follow your set daily routine – fooling any potential intruders from attempting to break in when they assume that your home is occupied and full of life.

Additionally, shades can create more privacy for your home and ensure that no one is peeking in while you’re sleeping – or at any time. Lowering all your shades before bed with one press of a button can be enough to give you a good night’s rest without worry.

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