Top Reasons You Should Invest In A Smart Home

Smart homes are the wave of the future. It’s a fact that more than 50 percent of homebuyers today will consider an established home instead of a new one if it’s outfitted with smart technology.

In fact, new construction doesn’t even move forward if smart devices aren’t part of the plans. Get to know the top reasons why you should invest in a smart home. Your property value, safety, and quality of life improve simultaneously.

Did you forget to turn off the lights after leaving for work? This question plagues professionals almost every day when they don’t have a smart home to rely on. Simply log into your device app, pull up the lighting information and alter it as you see fit. The lights may have been turned off all along, but now you will know for certain.

Outfitting your home with lighting control also solves energy efficiency concerns. You have control over which fixtures are on, including their dimming levels. Save as much money as possible with lights illuminating the areas that you intend to use. Leaving lights on in other rooms without your knowledge isn’t part of your world now. Smart Lighting allows you to add schedules which will make your home very functional.

You can turn to an experienced manufacturer, such as Crestron, for your lighting needs. Dimmers, switches and associated apps bring your household’s lighting together in an easy-to-manage system. Safety and energy efficiency are your achievements around the home.

Did you know that smart devices in homes will outnumber smartphones in consumers’ hands by the year 2021? Keep up with today’s trends by converting your old locks to smart locks. You have numerous product choices, such as locks with traditional keys or without them altogether. With each swing of the door, you’ll know when anyone enters or exits the home. If you’re concerned about safety, a smart-lock can secure your home and keep you in the know.

Lock or unlock the door wherever you have an Internet connection through your smartphone. Connect your smart lock to your Crestron lighting for safety every time you enter the home. Your Smart lock can automation several features when you enter your home such as turn on lights, lower the temperature, and play your favorite music.

The sunlight pouring into your living room may feel great on your skin, but it fades every material in sight. Control the natural light in your home with electronic shades. With the touch of a button, adjust the shade to any height within the window’s frame. You don’t even need to be at home. Perform this function at work when you know that the sun is overheating your indoor plants. Sensors can adjust the shades and the temperature of your home automatically.

Controlling your shades is even more important when it comes to a secured home. Curious eyes may linger on your property with the windows open wide to the public.

Have specific design needs… we can color match our shades to match your paint, carpets, furniture and more. We even have some special handmade fabrics for spaces that require that natural look.

Security-based systems have come a long way since those old, black-and-white monitor days. You now have cameras that are incredibly small with quality images sent directly to your phone or in-home Touch Displays. Your Crestron Touch Display can show all of the cameras installed around your home. You can be anywhere in the world, and your security-based camera system is just a touch away.

Set up notifications when someone crosses your property line or enters the primary residence itself. Watch the footage in real time. You can also access history at the touch of a button. These systems can be configured in almost any arrangement that fits your security needs. Cameras, sensors, timers, and lighting can all be controlled from the convenience of your Crestron Touch Display or tablet.

You might have a Crestron setup with your app ready to go for any security-based purposes. Your safety is only as good as your cameras, however. There are hundreds of smart cameras on the market today so carefully research your chosen product. Some cameras are designed with hardened housings that protect them from vandalism or extreme weather. Other cameras have a tiny design that makes them easy to hide within a home. We have decades of experience with Camera systems and be a great resource. Give us a call and we will work closely with you to design a system that meets your family’s needs. You can connect every camera to your smartphone app. You’ll know when the kids arrive home or when someone comes to the front door. Security in and around the home cannot get any better when SmartTouchUSA designs a system for you.

Currently, thermostats are some of the most popular updates in a smart home. They’re easy to install with a reasonable price tag. You actually save money on a continual basis with smart-thermostat technology. Set up an app on your smartphone. Access the thermostat from anywhere with an Internet connection. Alter the temperature whenever you desire.

Our team at SmartTouchUSA is ready for every question you might have about today’s latest home technologies. From remotely controlling your lights to checking up on the kids through integrated cameras, your home is a fortress of safety and convenience above all others. Explore the best products in smart technology today. Give our design professionals a call.

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