Twitter adds rustic, yet high-tech employee lounge to
its San Francisco headquarters.

What do Twitter employees do when they need to unwind?
One good option is to step into The Lodge in the company’s headquarters, which is set up like a rustic coffee shop or sports bar, with two century-old log cabins adding to its unique charm.

Each cabin gives frazzled engineers and programmers a space to take a break, eat a meal, or get a fresh perspective by working in a different environment. Booths and cafe tables outside the cabins provide semi-private spaces to hold a workgroup meeting, and a video conferencing system can extend those meetings to team members in any of Twitter’s 30+ offices worldwide. Still, the theme is relaxation, not work, connection, not production. For that reason, the front section of the room includes a nine-screen video wall normally showing live TV sports, and each cabin includes four L-shaped couches in the corners, facing four flat-panel TVs mounted on a pillar at its center.

These are first-class entertainment and casual meeting spaces, tied together with an advanced audio and video system powered by Crestron DigitalMedia™, and operated with Crestron control technology.

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