What Goes into a Custom Home Theater Design? 

Ensure That Your Viewing Space Stands Apart from the Local Cinema 

What makes a home theater space so different from the cinema in town? Everything comes down to the experience. Your home theater design has a significant impact on the way you view – and feel – your media. 

To achieve this type of setup, you need the right components and features in your custom home theater installation. Our team at SmartTouchUSA services Forest Hills, DC, and the entire Northwest DC region and can make your dream home theater design a reality. Keep reading on below to find out what all goes into making your private cinema entirely catered to you and your family. 

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Your Cinema, Your Way 

A custom home theater design by our team ensures three things: functionality, style, and comfort. We can make every component match your preferences – and guarantee a viewing experience that far surpasses what you’d find at the local theater with sticky floors and rock-hard seats. 

Consistent functionality: From stunning visual displays to high-fidelity speakers – with these AV solutions, you’ll have uninterrupted immersion into your favorite films and shows. You won’t have to worry about your 4K UHD projector glitching or the screen showing pixels or a grainy image. Plus, audio doesn’t just reach every ear in the room – it envelops the viewers entirely, moving above, in front of, behind, and all around them for absolute immersion. Installed acoustic paneling and treatments can also enhance the space’s soundscape, only further showcasing the advantages of your personal home theater setup. 

Style and Design: You get to customize what you want out of your theatrical experience. Want film franchise movie posters plastered around the room? Or maybe a snack bar in the back that provides a mid-movie popcorn or drink refill without you having to press play and leave for the kitchen? Luxurious and traditional décor, automated lighting, and much more all come together to perfect a theater setup that puts your interests and design preferences on display during every movie night or TV show marathon.  

Relaxing Comfort: Back to those rock-hard seats at the local cinema – with your own home theater design, you get to eliminate any discomfort from your seating! Comfy, reclining seats configured in any way you see fit can be the final finishing piece to your whole design setup. When your seating is cozy and leaves you without needing to stretch from stiffness after a film is through, you’ll know that you’re truly experiencing the home theater difference. 

Want to bring these custom home theater design options to your Forest Hills, DC cinema? Give our team at SmartTouchUSA a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. 

We provide our trusted services and support to Forest Hills, DC homeowners, and those in the surrounding Lutherville, MD and McLean, VA areas and entire Northwest DC region. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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