Hidden Technology Enhances Your Interior Design with High-End Brands & Products

Home Automation Doesn’t Have to Diminish Your Personal Style

While smart home automation has gained its deserved reputation for providing convenience, security, and overall luxury – it can still have homeowners doubting just how well its systems will integrate throughout their properties. Various technologies and features are, of course, beneficial – but how will they impact the existing interior design that you’ve worked so hard to cultivate?

With hidden technology, you don’t have to worry about compromising on style for functionality; you get the best of both. In this blog, we’ll dive into how smart technologies from trusted brands can not only maintain your interior design preferences – but even elevate them! Keep reading on below to see how these smart solutions from our team at SmartTouchUSA can help, as we service smart homes throughout Chevy Chase, MD and the entire Norwest DC region.

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Minimalistic Technology: Brands that Make It Happen

Never sacrifice the interior design that you’ve accomplished throughout your home. High-end smart solutions can ensure that you keep a sleek and stylish aesthetic with minimalistic technologies that you’ll hardly notice are there. For example, Sonance in-wall and in-ceiling speakers can produce high-fidelity audio – without letting on where the crystal-clear sound is emitting from. These invisible speakers deliver the top-quality audio performance that you can rely on from Sonance without taking up space or crowding a room with a bulky speaker or setup.

Just as hidden audio makes you focus on the performance instead of the product, hidden TVs can ensure your screens stay concealed until they’re needed for a stunning visual display. Future Automation wall mounts and lifts can have your flatscreen TVs rise from tabletops and furniture surfaces, lower from the ceiling, swivel outward from a wall, or reveal themselves from behind a panel. The options are endless – and all keep your TVs from taking up unnecessary room – until it’s their moment to shine!

Aesthetically Pleasing Touchscreens: Control That Blends In

Sometimes technologies are minimalistic themselves – but what about the smart control panels that accompany them? It can wreck a room’s design if a touchpad simply feels out of place or is a glaring eyesore in the center of a space. With control panels from Basalte, you’ll be able to manage and view touchscreens that are nearly flush with the wall and blend in well with high-end, luxurious interiors.

Taking it a step further, TRUFIG control panels are completely flush with the wall! Their Touch Panel Fascia applications, when combined with the TRUFIG’s mounting platforms, results in a clean, flush finish every time. You’ll be able to control your systems when you want to, without your touchpads stealing attention from your home’s refined style.

Enhance Your Style: Lighting Brings Everything Together

While these other hidden technologies can maintain your interior design, minimalistic solutions and features from Lutron can take your style to a whole new level! Home lighting has a way of transforming a living space. And with Lutron’s various lighting fixture models, you can seamlessly and effortlessly illuminate your entire property.

Elegant, hanging fixtures can create a sophisticated feel, while overhead, in-ceiling lighting can still provide the right illumination without any installation impact at all. With the ability to brighten or dim a room on command with just the tap of a button, Lutron lighting gives you the power to change how your home appears on a whim! It’s smart home automation with your desired style in mind.

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