An Oscar Worthy Private Cinema Experience

Private home cinemas, complete with cutting-edge sound and projection technology, are experiencing a huge surge in popularity.

With a simple touch of a button, owners can enjoy an intimate viewing experience from the privacy of their home. What better way to celebrate a star-studded occasion, such as the upcoming Academy Awards, than from the comfort and privacy of your own private cinema?

Private cinema owners can control a variety of customization functions, including, lighting, seating, sound and picture quality with state-of-the-art technology. Smart technology has taken it up a notch by allowing users to control their environment and entertain guests with ease.

Here are just a few of the features smart technology and private cinemas can provide:

  • Unparalleled sound and projection technology
  • Centralized control
  • Immediate access to your system from any computer in the world
  • Remote activation of any of your systems at anytime
  • High quality lighting and seating
  • Convenient location for hosting private parties and viewing sessions

Designing the perfect home theater is both an art and a science. At SmartTouch, our experienced team of engineers and designers will ensure that your private cinema will make your Academy Award entertaining and viewing an extraordinary experience each year.

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