Benefits Of A Smart Home

More and more homeowners using smart home technology to make their lives easier & more efficient. 

Not only will you enjoy the convenience but you can save on your energy bills as well. Following are a few of the top benefits of living in a home with smart technology.

All the Cool Kids Are Doing It – Smart technology is a means of networking your home entire home in order to control a variety of systems including lighting, data, video, wireless, climate, security, and other key aspects that impact your life.

Convenience – If you want to control temperature, lighting, music, or your home’s security system, you can set up various configurations to suit your tastes and manage them all with the touch of a button from any of your devices.

Faucet Control – Smart technology is the ideal way to manage your hot bath experience while relaxing in the tub in addition to controlling the temperature of your shower, the lighting, steam, spray, and audio; all with the touch of a finger.

Save energy and be safe – Several smart home technologies work to keep families safe while saving both energy and water in the kitchen. For example, induction cooktops only heat up cookware if the metal makes contact with the cooktop surface itself.

Temperature Control – Your home design can be created to optimize its capability to cool itself in the summer and generate heat in the winter based on the position of the home, where certain trees are located, how the sun travels across the sky, and more. Even better, you can set your A/C & heat to ready the room for you in advance of your arrival.

Automated Window Treatments – Change the light or the temperature of your space with the touch of a finger to set the mood.

Multi-Room Audio – From any of your devices, set the mood in the house… you can relax in your bathtub with light music while your kids have fun in the playroom with their pop music and it all can be adjusted with ease.

Complete Control – Yes, smart technology is utilized for saving money, energy, and water as well as implementing safety. Bur for us, the best part of automation is that it allows you to control everything from the temperature of your pool to lowering the shades on your windows with just a simple touch.

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