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You and design. Designing a system that is RIGHT for You is everything to us. Design is the intersection of form and function. Where something practical meets something magical. Done well, great design makes your life better every day


Simple. Seamless. Beautiful. Yes. You can have all three. Oftentimes you’re forced to choose — faster, cheaper, “good enough.” Oh how we loathe “good enough.” Circumstances on new construction or renovations often dictate that technology sacrifices need to be made in order to remain on schedule or on budget. But all too often, clients have not been equipped with knowledge or a personalized vision for how technology can enhance their life at home, every day. Let alone allowed to express what their actual preferences are for using that technology.

Here’s a new idea. Let’s start at the beginning. When a well-considered plan is created at the outset, we can meet budgets and ensure that your home sings. In fact, that’s the very essence of our company name and that’s the goal — to get all the technological components and aspects of a home working in perfect harmony. All for your pleasure and pure delight.


All of our installations have a formal and official one-year warranty and we fully support the manufacturer’s warranty through its duration. We also make a commitment to all of our clients that if you are not completely satisfied, we will make it right.

We employ a dedicated team of service technicians to support our projects for the lifetime of the system. This team includes a full time in-office Client Services Coordinator whose purpose is to professionally schedule and follow up on all service requests, and manage equipment exchanges and repairs so that you have peace of mind knowing that SmartTouch is efficiently and quickly resolving any downtime.

In addition to Labor and Equipment Warranties, SmartTouch provides fully editable source code, and a PDF of our engineered as-built drawings to the client upon final payment. This is a commitment that is rare in the industry.

Our process thoroughly educates you on current entertainment and controls options and trends, and then provides a forum to articulate their preferences and comfort zone – of both the technology and budget.

When this is accomplished, ideally during the architectural design phase, you become aware of all possible options and are able to make real and confident decisions for your project. These decisions then become guiding principles that inform not just the technology design, but other dependent facets of the project such as space planning, interior design elements for cabinetry and ceiling details, HVAC systems, interior and exterior lighting fixtures design, energy management, and much more.

The result is a comprehensive and organized plan for how technology will be fully integrated into the construction of your unique home, done at the phase of the project where technology elements can be integrated without compromise.

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