Designing a Hidden Home Theater

A designated home theater or media room should be an integral part of your house that provides a beautiful, cutting-edge entertainment experience without compromising your unique style.

The idea of a hidden home theater has become very popular recently, and it is often the perfect blend of top-notch smart home technology and elegant design. There are several options available to help make your dream room a reality. This means that, between your vision and our expertise, we can create the ultimate immersive experience for you and your guests.

Choosing a Display 

The cornerstone of any amazing multimedia experience is, of course, the display. When it comes to displays, in almost every case, bigger is better. Regardless of how large you want your display to be, there are elegant and sophisticated ways to hide it when not in use.

1. Motorized Artwork

This is an especially popular route to take if your room has a very specific design aesthetic or if you have an affinity for fine art. You can have custom-sized, motorized frames installed that move seamlessly and quietly to reveal your screen with a simple button press. Frames can roll down or to the sides of your display according to your preference.

2. Projector and Motorized Screen

Those with the necessary space may opt for a system that’s hidden in the ceiling until needed. Some homes have a motorized screen and projector lift that will descend from the ceiling when needed.

3. Mirror Display

While this is not a perfect solution, it is one that makes a bold statement. When the television is turned off, the mirror looks and functions like a normal mirror. When the display is switched on, the mirror disappears and is replaced by the TV picture. Some models may slightly dim the brightness of the displayed images, but this is a unique and memorable design trick.

4. Hinged Units

Another option is the flip-down flat panel screen. These units are installed in the ceiling and controlled by motors. When toggled on, the hinged units flip downward into place to reveal the screen.

Finding the Perfect Speaker Solution 

Aside from a stunning visual display, every media room needs a world-class audio system. Bulky box speakers are unattractive, but you don’t have to compromise style for sound quality anymore. We can help you choose the right set of hidden or low-profile speakers for a crisp sound experience that rivals the best movie theaters.

1. In-wall Speakers

This option requires a bit of planning and installation, but it yields excellent results. These speakers are installed directly into your drywall, which means they lie flush with your walls. They can be painted over to match the surrounding area, making them nearly invisible. Brands like Crestron Home Automation design entire speaker systems that are intended to blend seamlessly into your walls for crisp, low-profile sound.

2. In-ceiling Speakers

While in-wall speakers are not completely out of sight, their in-ceiling counterparts are. We partner with some of the best brands in the industry to deliver seamless overhead sound that ensures every person gets a full, true audio experience. In some rooms, home theater designers will combine in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for an optimal, immersive soundscape.

3. Speaker Cabinets

Speaker cabinets can be a bold design statement in the right type of media room. If your theater space is large, or you’re planning to add elements such as columns or cabinet space, opting for built-in speaker cabinets can give you a more dynamic experience. The right style of speaker cabinet can draw the focus to the screen while providing superb sound.

Let Us Help Design Your Dream Theater

The perfect home theater is one that blends your personal aesthetic seamlessly with the ease and convenience of smart home technology. We believe that your media experience should be exhilarating yet user-friendly whether you’re watching movies, streaming sports or playing the latest games. That’s why SmartTouch USA partners with industry titans like Crestron Home Automation, Sony and Basalte to deliver the best systems for every client.

Whatever your dream media room looks like, it can become a reality with the right technology and expert planning.

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